Our mission

We believe in the power of music. Music has the gift of speaking to the heart in ways no other means can. Our lives have been changed by it and it is has become a passion we cannot live without. 

We believe in a generation completely sold out for Jesus. His Love gives us purpose to live a life reflective of His unrelenting goodness. Over and over again, His unfailing goodness has given us a reason to sing and surrender our everything to Him.

Our music is birthed from a place of encounter with Jesus. From glory-filled worship sessions that run for hours, to singing and dancing like crazy until our voices break, to hearing amazing testimonies of how our music has reawakened passion in people's lives - to put it plainly, we have been wrecked by the love of Christ. In the very best way.

This is our pursuit. To awaken a generation to the love of Jesus. To draw them into the unfailing embrace of the Father. We want to show everyone we meet that Jesus is real. He isn't distant. He gives our lives purpose. This is our heart - to write music that brings people into an encounter with Jesus.